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Quality Assurance

In these highly specialized products quality is the main asset . Naturally, the quality department is the heart of our enterprise . As stated before, the In-Process Quality Control is the essence of production. However, the final product is tested by simulating the conditions at the user's end. The product is applied on panels of various substrate and rigorously tested.

Laser Particle Size Analyzer

The powder quality and its coverage mainly depend upon particle size distribution. At Orbit, continuous monitoring of particle size is done by Laser Particle Size Analyzer.
Muffle Furnace & Water Quenching

Orbit heat resistant products are tested for high heat 0 resistance of up to 600 C. The heat aging and heat - water quenching cyclic tests are carried out on the panels in Muffle Furnace for confirming heat resistance of the products.
Salt Spray Testing Cabinet

The corrosion resistance of the products before and after heat tests are carried out as per ASTM standards to confirm behaviour of the products in rainy season.

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