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Research & Development

Our research is a continuous on- going process to offer the best solutions to our discerning clientele. Our marketing team is always in contact with our customers to gather their requirements. They also study the processes at applicators and their requirements. Our R&D works on these demands and finds the best and the most economical solution keeping a green environment in mind.

Our R&D team lead by the top most authority in the organization, keeps abreast with new global technologies. Orbit always endeavours to bring in new technologies.


Metalizing and Powder Coating : Heat resistant powders on shot blasted surface do not exhibit required properties at high temperature. Hence, Orbit for the first time introduced new process of shot blasting + metalizing + powder coating. This process is successfully being used by the automobile industry for the last decade.

Liquid Primer and Powder Coating : For the ease of application and to reduce the cost Orbit for the first time introduced the new coating system of liquid primer coating globally followed by heat resistant powder coat on shot blasted substrate.

New Innovations
(1)  Higher temperature resistant products
(2) Nano technology based products
(3) Green technology with water products of 'O' VOC

The Advantages of Heat Resistant Powder Coatings

Easy to use
Effective protection at high temperature
Reduced process time
Reduced VOC
Reduced air pollution
Reasonable plant cost
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