NanoSafe Activa

NanoSafe Activa

NanoSafe Activa is an intelligent coating that harnesses the energy of light to decompose bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, VOCs and removes odors by degrading toxic organic pollutants to harmless Carbon Dioxide (CO 2 ) and Water (H2 O).

Our product uses light activated TiO2 that assists in eliminating bio contaminates and creates an environment of fresh and clean air, Eliminates Bacteria, Virus, Odor and lasts for years.

Purifies Air

Eliminates bacteria & viruses

Eliminates mold


Eliminates bad odour

Long lasting


A revolutionary secured shield against infection.

Lasts for a year.

A secured shield to stay safe & stay protected.

Eliminates viruses, bacteria, odour and fungus.

Light activated titanium shield for an environment that breathes pure air.

The process of Photocatalyst Action

NanoSafe Activa

Solution we

NanoSafe Activa uses light activated TiO2 that assists in
eliminating bio contaminates and creates an environment of
fresh and clean air, Eliminates Bacteria & Virus and lasts for


Sick Days and Seasonal Flu

NanoSafe Activa Provides you protection from Seasonal flu and infections.


Allergy & Asthma Triggers

NanoSafe Activa kills Allergy causing bacteria and removes bad odour.


Illness causing Bacteria & Viruses

NanoSafe Activa kills bacteria and virus which is harmful for human health.


Toxic Pollutants causing respiratory issues

NanoSafe Activa kills toxic pollutants which is harmful for human health.



Superior Aerospace grade insulation to deliver excellent protection even in harsh dusty conditions



Tough fiber reinforced water-tight layers provides excellent waterproofing and crack bridging


IR reflection

Advanced IR reflection technology reflects the sun’s heat and protects the coated surface from getting heated up even under harsh sunlight conditions.



Eco-friendly and Green certified product.

Research and Development

Our research is a continuous on-going process to offer the best solutions to our important clientele. Out marketing team is always in contact with our customer to gather their requirements. They also study the application processes and their requirements. Our R & D works on these demands and finds the best and the most economical solution keeping a green environment in mind. Our R&D team lead by the top most authority in the organization, keeps abreast with the new global technologies. Orbit always endeavors to bring in new technologies.

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